IPS Cloud Print Services For Education

IPS Cloud Print Services

  • When design Print and Scan Solutions for Education, we need to align how students utilise Technology in their everyday interactions with how they print and scan

  • We provide each student with their own customised portal so they can manage, upload print jobs, email print jobs and projects to be printed using the highest quality devices
  • IPS Cloud Print Services currently provide Cloud Services, Print and Scan Devices to over 350 educational organisations across Ireland

Special Education

Addressing the needs of Visually Impaired Students

Users with varying levels of Vision – Voice Guidance Kit

Navigate through voice

Individuals with varying levels of abilities, can get voice guidance while interacting with compatible Lexmark smart MFPs and printers that include a touch screen. By providing a traditional keyboard and select voice-guided prompts, the Lexmark Voice Guidance kit adds :

Lexmark Voice Guidance Apps

Lexmark Voice Guidance Compatible apps

Voice Guidance works with a variety of eSF apps: